From the Chair

The successful integration of two iconic organisations, Silver Chain and RDNS SA, has seen us emerge as a significant influencer and service provider in the sectors of community based health, aged care and country services.

The Silver Chain Group is now recognised nationally for being a leader in innovative models of care in the health and aged care sector, and as a result we are increasingly emerging as a service provider of choice for these services in the eastern states of Australia.

We have always had a unique culture of focussing on the needs of clients, which is at the heart of our organisation and the services we provide. This has been a strong platform on which to expand our service reach and also respond to the changing trend of consumer focussed funding.

These outstanding achievements over the past twelve months would not have been possible without working together as a team – a team of dedicated and committed staff, a strong leadership team  – and a willingness across the whole organisation to embrace change in this new era of becoming one of Australia’s largest and most influential community-based health and aged care organisations.

The strategic focus of Silver Chain has been about growing from our core strengths – building on what we have done well in the community health and aged care sectors and taking this strength into new markets and regions across Australia. It’s been the ability to demonstrate the value we bring in the quality of our service delivery, our innovation and thinking in processes and technology, and most importantly our client-centric approach to everything we do.

The future is certainly bright for Silver Chain and the opportunity to make a significant difference to an improved health and wellbeing system across Australia is both exciting and challenging, but has the commitment and focus from the Board. Accordingly I would like to offer my thanks to all Board Members for their continued vision, enthusiasm and dedication to making this difference.

Change of this magnitude is always about people who see a different future – with that in mind I would like to acknowledge the Chief Executive and the senior management team for their unwavering commitment and leadership in bringing forth this new era of Silver Chain as a national leader in community-based health and aged care, and retaining our unique culture and values on the journey.

Anne Skipper