Welcome from Chris

The 2012/13 year at Silver Chain Group was characterised by the momentum beginning to build behind the five year strategic plan.  The organisation has increasingly focused on its three major value offerings to our community, that is, to deliver:

  • better care to our rural and remote communities.
  • aged care services to metropolitan citizens who wish to remain in their home.
  • increasingly sophisticated health and medical services to people to remain at home rather than go to hospital.

These services are united by our aspiration to “deliver high value care so that people can stay at home”. Our service offerings, particularly our health and medical services, have come to the attention of several governments across Australia.  Whether it’s providing palliative care in Queensland or supporting New South Wales citizens to exit hospitals early, we are noticing a distinct shift in the Australian health landscape to increasing the delivery of health care in the home.  But providing these services has been no simple undertaking.  They are built on 30 years of increasing sophistication in the use of technology, building a tradition of highly effective clinical governance and an approach to building government partnerships to ensure we deliver value to our shared community.

In preparing ourselves for this new national footprint we have looked deep inside the organisation to consolidate our self-image – our values.  The organisation consulted widely with its staff to “discover” the values that sit in the core of the organisation.  Most strongly the value of “care” dominated our people’s motivation to work at Silver Chain.  In a time when health services are becoming increasingly rationed we believe that in addition to the quality of the treatment provided to a patient or a client they are also seeking the care that comes in that exchange, where one human being holds real concern about the welfare of another.

Our other values are our commitment to community, we are committed to excellence, and we hold integrity as a defining attribute.  These values were not decided in a Boardroom or an Executive suite and communicated to staff; they came about as a result of asking every staff member and volunteer to share what they believed were the words that defined our organisation.  So these values that have surfaced come from deep within the DNA of Silver Chain and contribute to a shared pride of belonging to an organisation defined accordingly.

A key challenge for the year has been the operating environment in our South Australian organisation, RDNS (SA). Contracting volumes from the public sector have put pressure on the organisation.  Our first response was to reduce all areas of our duplication but inevitably it led us to reducing the number of our valuable frontline staff where there were insufficient opportunities for them to provide nursing care.

Looking at the future across the broad spectrum of services, our commitment to high value services is continuing to place us well with respect to our purpose – building community capacity to optimise health and wellbeing.  We seek to continually refine and define our focus on delivering high value health care so people can stay at home.

As Chief Executive, I would like to thank the broad team of over 3,000 staff who live out the values of our organisation every day.  In particular, my executive team continues to inspire and challenge the organisation to be as impactful as it possibly can be.  I would also like to acknowledge our Board of Directors, whose conscientious and disciplined commitment to good governance has provided enormous leadership and vision for the Silver Chain Group.

Chris McGowan

Chief Executive Officer