EOS and ComCare

EOS was established by Silver Chain Group as a social enterprise.  Its purpose is to innovate, improve and provide state-of-the-art ComCare technology to every care organisation in Australia and New Zealand, at an affordable price.

EOS works with a number of care organisations, making a significant difference to the quality of care delivered, cost efficiencies, travel optimisation and most importantly forming an EOS community where like-minded organisations share information to improve the productivity of the Industry.

Our customers now include:  Silver Chain Group, RSL Care Qld, HammondCare, CBS & SECC in Tasmania, Juniper, Hall & Prior, Anglicare, OneCare, Wesley Mission Brisbane, HealtheCare, St John of God, Healthcare at Home Australia, City of Fremantle and Care Options.

Customers have over 400 desktop licenses and close to 3,000 mobile licences.  Silver Chain Group has over 300 desktop licenses and over 2,000 mobiles.