Year in Review - Aged Care

Silver Chain’s Home Support Services consists of over 900 direct care providers and allied health professionals, who in the past year delivered over 750,000 hours of quality care and visited almost 12,000 clients across the Perth metropolitan area. We have continued to assist our clients in their goal of “ageing well” by supporting them to make choices that add value to their lives and enable them to remain independent in their home and community.

Some of our leading-edge initiatives this year include:

  • Presenting at the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing in Glasgow, demonstrating the benefits of Silver Chain’s innovative falls project.
  • Actively engaging and listening to our referral sources to help them discharge clients into their home as early as possible, with support from our allied health team delivering our Personal Enablement Program (PEP) to 1,844 clients.
  • Encouraging diversity and multicultural approaches to our care by producing a multicultural recipe book with all contributions from clients at our Mandurah and Fremantle Day Centres.
  • Implementation of a formal reporting mechanism for all clients who have experienced a fall at any given time and supporting them to stay on their feet. This included the development and implementation of a dedicated falls training package to all staff.
  • Continuing to deliver our Home and Community Care (HACC) contracted services in the most enabling and innovative way.

Our ongoing commitment to our people in Home Support Services was demonstrated this year through the launch of the “Our Workforce” project. This involved our staff identifying ways to improve the efficiency of our service delivery, and has resulted in more hours of care being delivered to clients and more hours of work for our staff. We will continue to focus on supporting and developing our staff to deliver the highest quality customer experience, in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

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