Health SA

RDNS (SA) has experienced a very challenging economic environment  in South Australia, manifest in reduced government revenues and referrals to the not-for- profit sector; one calling on all the organisation’s determination and effort to maintain the delivery of high-value services to the people of Adelaide.

Our services have assisted more than 20,000 individuals this year through the provision of general and specialist nursing and allied health care, personal care and aged care packages. Essentially the organisation’s capability is delivering and integrating highly technical clinical and supportive care within the client’s own home or where they live. The breadth of these services includes wound care, post hospital and hospital substitution (including blood transfusions and IV antibiotics), care for dying people, and those living with functional frailty and/or chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiac failure and respiratory disease.

RDNS has proudly continued to deliver tailored services across a range of special need, providing health clinics to the homeless, supporting people and their families living with a terminal disease through the provision of palliative care, a broad range of disability care planning and training for carers, support of those living with HIV/AIDS, and immunisation for adults and children.

RDNS remains a vibrant health care provider, privileged to continue delivering high-value care to South Australians while proudly contributing nationally to leading clinical research, service delivery design and planning, refining clinical protocols and care pathways as part of the Silver Chain Group.

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