Health WA

Health WA remains focussed on delivering sustainable community solutions across its range of core services – Clinical, Home Hospital, Hospice, Continence Management Advice Service (CMAS) and Respiratory. We have continued to deliver significant client, community and organisational outcomes in pursuit of our mission and strategic imperatives.

These include:

  • Our Hospice Care Service is recognised nationally as a best-practice model of specialist community palliative care, with more than 60% of all admitted clients supported to die at home; and, a number of jurisdictions nationally and internationally seeking to learn from and implement differentiating elements of our model of care.
  • Our Clinical Service team provides sector-leading wound and healthcare to more than 3,000 people every day, including through new initiatives such as the Advanced Wound Assessment Service – Nurse Practitioner; and, providing significant support to the health system through relief of pressure on the hospital system and facilitation of early discharge.
  • Silver Chain Home Hospital has grown its referral base by more than 30% with direct dispositions created in partnership with St John Ambulance, HealthDirect, Residential Care Line, Hospitals and GPs. Home Hospital is proving to be an important part of a solution to prevent unplanned presentations to Emergency Departments and hospital admissions.

Many challenges we are currently facing are already presenting a number of opportunities to improve care co-ordination, integration and overall client outcomes – managing client demand, activity-based funding, engagement with technology, and growth into new sectors and environments. It is an exciting journey – and, a future that we are creating together.

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