Customer Centre

The Customer Centres play a key role in supporting our operational business units nationally to ensure best possible client outcomes.  Two Centres in Perth and Adelaide operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting our clients, providers and referral sources. The Centres' underpinning principles ensure:

  • clients flow through our organisation from referral to discharge in an efficient and timely manner,
  • our providers can focus their efforts solely on the provision of quality care, and
  • we have access to up to the minute relevant information at our fingertips.

In 2012/13 the combined Centres:

  • processed more than 74,000 referrals,
  • conducted 25,000 eligibility and screening assessments in preparation for clients’ first visit by Silver Chain, and
  • answered and acted on 918,000 calls from clients and operational staff.

During the year, our Centres have participated in several projects driving improvements and innovation in the way we deliver services and were recognised for Excellence in Customer Service by the Shared Services Outsourcing Network, Australasia. Further, the Australian Teleservices Association (ATA) awarded our South Australian operation Contact Centre of the Year (SA) for its support of the RDNS business, also recognising several individuals across both Centres for their outstanding achievements in Contact Centre services.