Information Services

During 2012/13, Information Services was restructured with a goal of increasing the effectiveness of the team and productivity of all Silver Chain Group staff. Under the new structure, the focus has shifted from technology to services – reflected in the renaming of the team from ‘Information Technology’ to ‘Information Services’.

The team’s focus areas for 2012/13 have included: 

  • implementing consolidation projects to remove duplication of business systems including payroll, finance and ComCare (our client management application);
  • expanding our ComCare Mobile capabilities through deployment to all staff across South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland;
  • expanding and enhancing our video conferencing capability across the organisation to reduce travel time and cost;
  • upgrading our data centre capabilities to deliver greater reliability for our operating environment; 
  • collaborating with Country Services WA and external partners on an NBN-sponsored Telehealth project in the Geraldton area, enabling Silver Chain to provide greater levels of care to older people living with chronic disease in their own homes; 
  • driving greater strategic thinking around Information Management to improve the accuracy of the vast amounts of data we capture daily; and
  • aligning Business Intelligence strategy with Information Management to turn captured data into meaningful information, through the development of new Information Dashboards.

Information Services looks forward to continuing to embrace technological innovative solutions in an ever-evolving landscape, and sustaining high levels of ongoing support across the Silver Chain Group as it grows.