How You Can Help

By supporting the Silver Chain Group, you are helping your community in many ways. You can help us to provide additional services, higher levels of care and the appropriate infrastructure

Here’s how you can help:


We look forward to the next year, where we are hoping to raise much needed funds to support:

  • Our Palliative Care services in Queensland and Western Australia.
  • The fit-out of new clinics in the Perth metropolitan area.
  • The purchasing of equipment, for example a Doppler Ultrasound which will assist our nurses in Queensland in the management of ulcer wounds. Nurses will be able to make informed decisions about the types of compression bandaging needed to best manage a client’s wound.
  • RDNS SA’s Breathing Space Program, which enables RDNS SA to provide one-off assistance to clients who are experiencing financial hardship.  Capped at $300 per client, a direct care staff member identifies a client in need and applies to the program on the client’s behalf. The Breathing Space Program enables us to provide essential food items, purchase vital Medic Alert® bracelets and among other things pay much-needed ambulance cover.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Click here to make a donation.


Leaving a bequest as part of your Will means your legacy will live on through the care of others. Our carers help restore independence and dignity. Their role is important, and so is yours. By leaving a bequest in your Will, you can ensure future generations continue to receive this vital assistance.

Please call our Bequests Officer on (08) 9201 6768 or click here for more information.

Corporate Partnerships

We strive to build partnerships and relationships with organisations committed to caring for people in our community.

While government funding sources enable us to deliver quality services by trained, professional staff, we remain dedicated to continually improving our services to assist clients and carers, ensuring we best meet their needs.

Corporate support enables us to enhance our programs by funding innovative research, upgrading our facilities and purchasing essential medical equipment.

Corporate Donations

Donations help us provide additional service, higher levels of care and the appropriate infrastructure to support our services.

Your support allows us to extend our services to meet a need in the community where there may be a shortfall of funding. It also enables us to invest in research and conduct clinical trials to improve our services, to develop our staff training programs and to ensure we continue to lead the way in the delivery of care in our community.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Click here to make a donation.


Dedicated volunteers have been supporting our clients and staff throughout our history. Our trained volunteers enhance the quality of service we provide to people and their families through a range of activities including:

  • Providing carer respite.
  • Providing companionship, conversation and support.

For more information about becoming a volunteer, please contact Silver Chain on (08) 9242 0242 or for further details.

Branch Committees (WA)

Silver Chain has 14 Branch Committees in Western Australia that play an integral role in supporting the enhancement of client services and the up-skilling of staff via training and development opportunities.

Branch Committees have existed since the early days of Silver Chain. Branches opened in Leederville, Fremantle, North Perth, Cottesloe and Perth in the early 1900s. Rural branches soon followed along with the introduction of new services. The Albany Branch Committee, one of the first rural centres, was established in 1946 and remains active today in supporting the delivery of services to people in need.

Our Branch Committees raise valuable funds for Silver Chain and are instrumental in helping us identify the health care needs of local communities. The local knowledge they provide means that we are able to develop very effective local solutions to local problems.

If you would like to become a member of a Branch Committee in your area or would like to support their activities, please contact Silver Chain on (08) 9242 0242 or country callers on 1300 650 803 (for the cost of a local call) for details. You can also make an inquiry via