About us


Silver Chain Group comprises of Silver Chain in Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland and Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) in South Australia. Together, we are one of the largest in-home health and care providers in Australia. The Silver Chain Group’s purpose is to build community capacity to optimise health and wellbeing.

With well over 100 years' experience delivering care in the community, respectively, both Silver Chain and RDNS SA are committed to offering a range of services to assist people in their homes. These services include specialist nursing, palliative care, home care and support services, hospital in the home and allied health services, such as physiotherapy, podiatry and speech pathology. We also have a range of equipment like personal alarms and other technology-based support to assist clients of all ages.

Our leadership in health and community care allows us to provide key services to Federal and State Governments and other medical professionals, as well as direct to our clients. This ensures that our networks and partnerships are extensive enough to provide a full service to all individuals in every area of health and community care.

We are proud of our history, innovation and leading services and are excited about our future.