From the Chair


As another successful year culminates I am delighted to report the Silver Chain Group has gained momentum and impact as a national leader of influence in the provision of community based health and aged care services.

This success has been built on the excellent foundations and strengths of what we do well in our service delivery and underpinned by how we do it – the strong values and culture for which we are renowned.

A tangible result of this is the expansion of our national footprint into new markets and regions of New South Wales and Queensland with our flagship services of Palliative Care and Hospital in the Home. This strategic approach was predicated on growing from our core strengths in the health and aged care service and ensuring that our unique client-focussed culture remains at the centre of everything we provide.

Silver Chain Group has again proven its ability to be a thought leader in innovation with the development of our Ageing Well strategy. This strategy focusses on an integrated, client-centred approach to ageing and healthcare that not only position’s the organisation as a national leader in this field but more importantly provides better health outcomes and choices for our aged community.

Leadership and team work at all levels of the Silver Chain Group has seen the organisation change to become more sustainable, flexible and accountable with examples such as increased staff engagement in RDNS SA, a new model of service delivery in Country Western Australia, impressive results in supporting patients to die at home in Hospice Care and our focussed and committed approach to Consumer Directed Care.

Technology has always been seen as a "game changer" in health care, as the population in Australia ages and healthcare becomes more complex and costly. Silver Chain has developed an organisation-wide Digital strategy that identifies how technology can be an enabler to deliver better health outcomes for clients and also position the organisation as a leader in this field. Technology and Telehealth will remain a key focus for the Board this next year, to ensure this rapidly changing platform is executed efficiently and effectively and the desired client outcomes are achieved.

Living the future, is about committed people seeing a different future – and I would like to acknowledge the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, Chris McGowan and the Executive Team for their enduring passion and commitment to seeing this brighter future for health and aged care services for the Australian community. They have unwaveringly seen how the Silver Chain Group can play a significant role in that vision.

In focussing on the future the Board has reviewed its composition to reflect a national organisation and appointed two directors from New South Wales, Michael Still and Bruce Levy. Their knowledge and expertise of the East Coast healthcare sector will add great value to the already diverse skills and expertise of the Board.

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all Board Directors for their continued enthusiasm, passion and adding value to the organisation by bringing their different perspectives to how we can deliver on our vision, and strive to be a leader in community based health and aged care, with our unique culture and values.