Gaining independence through HACC

We have implemented a new approach to reablement services, with the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) and Home Support Services working together to provide short term reablement services to Home and Community Care (HACC) clients.

This approach has seen our assessors move from a tell me assessment to a show me assessment where clients are encouraged to demonstrate how they are currently managing areas where support might be required. 

Eighty year old Dorothy had been living a full and independent life with her husband until, following a couple of falls, her confidence levels began to decrease and she started to struggle with simple things such as dressing and taking a shower. As she became more frustrated her relationships with her family were also affected.

Dorothy was visited by an assessor who saw that Dorothy was able to shower independently however it was evident she was lacking in confidence.

The assessor worked with Dorothy to understand her goals (to be able to safely shower without support) and gave her some ideas on how to safely move from her walker to the shower chair, how to make it easier to dress without getting too tired and recommended a non-slip mat and a shower rail be installed in the shower.

The assessor also arranged for Silver Chain to provide short term support for Dorothy. Our home support team assisted Dorothy by reinforcing the new techniques and providing support when she tried those techniques for the first few times. 

Dorothy was thrilled with the positive progress she made after only two weeks. The approach gave her the confidence to be able to shower without support – something she didn’t think she would ever be able to do again.

Over the next year Silver Chain will be training the team of assessors across Western Australia to identify strategies and techniques to support clients like Dorothy regain confidence or learn new skills to enable them to remain independent.