EOS and ComCare

The past year has been a busy one for EOS, established by Silver Chain Group as a social enterprise that aims to innovate, improve and provide state-of-the-art ComCare technology to every care organisation in Australia and New Zealand, at an affordable price.

Two more organisations have joined EOS on the ComCare journey this year – ACH Group from South Australia and Amarna Living from West Australia. We now have 21 organisations using ComCare and collectively have more than 7,000 ComCare users.

The major ComCare developments over the past year have been:

  • Significant clinical wound management enhancements on ComCare Mobile
  • A completely new assessment and questionnaire module for ComCare desktop and mobile
  • Major enhancements to the contracts and billing modules to accommodate the new Consumer Directed Care programs
  • A client web portal where clients can check what services they are receiving and can provide feedback 
  • The introduction of an automated scheduling and rostering solution into a number of EOS customer sites.

A new EOS website and Facebook site was released along with both an internal and external newsletter and a new e-learning website, all designed to deliver relevant and up-to-date information to all ComCare users.

An EOS User Group Conference was also held in Hobart, providing customers opportunities to share their experiences. Many commented that they were very happy with the new improvements and excited about the future direction of ComCare.