Registered Training Organisation

Amidst a challenging external climate full of reform and shrinking funding for Silver Chain Group’s Registered Training Organisation, YourLife Health & Learning Inc, we continued to deliver high quality training to the general public as well as our staff.

Operations in Western Australia have steadily increased, securing 40 places in the Future Skills WA funding scheme to deliver Certificate III in Aged Care to students in several regions in and around Perth and the Diploma of Nursing course doubled in size. Silver Chain’s regional workforce completing traineeships in Certificate III Aged Care and Home and Community Care received great support which saw many long-term students finally complete their studies.

In South Australia, we continued to work closely with the State Government and the Training and Skills Commission on funding reforms to the Skills For All scheme. Collaboration with the Australian Council for Private Education and Training delivered significant wins at a policy level. New workshop programs were offered to the market and an updated Wound Management Masterclass program that attracted participants from across Australia.

Nationally we won and delivered two Commonwealth funded projects supporting the palliative care sector – a national online course and a face-to-face workshop program in Tasmania. The online course has now attracted more than 13,500 learners from 22 different countries and is an outstanding example of the reach of online learning. It received a Platinum Award in the LearnX Asia Pacific 2013 awards. The Tasmanian workshop program is well ahead of its target of 800 participants and has delivered some great benefits to that state’s palliative care workforce.

We have developed online learning courses for the Silver Chain Group and EOS Technologies, and lodged several applications for funding to further expand our online training offerings and services. We anticipate wins in this area will be forthcoming in late 2014 and look forward to continued growth in creating solutions using learning technology for the benefit of larger and more widespread audiences in the health and care sector.

The aged, disability and community care sector nationally began to benefit as we converted and made available Silver Chain’s clinical procedures for community nursing. Customers range from small to large providers, in metro and regional locations, and word continues to spread about this product. In this way Silver Chain Group is able to support the sector at a local, regional and national level.

A new structure was put in place in late 2013 that has positioned the business well for significant changes it must navigate in the coming year as the registered training sector undergoes the biggest reforms it has seen in 20 years.