Silver Chain Alarms

During the past financial year, Silver Chain Alarms has helped more than 4,700 clients to remain living independently in their own home or residing in a retirement village.

Silver Chain Alarms this year began collaborating with Country Services in delivering Transitional Care Packages in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. An alarm is provided on a short term basis when a client is discharged from hospital.

We also partner with funding bodies including the Disability Equipment Program in the Northern Territory and Independent Living Centre in Western Australia to provide alarms.

The alarm operates with a small pendant which is worn around the neck, so the user can press the button whenever help is needed.  All calls are answered by a trained operator who determines the appropriate response and stays on the line until help arrives. Our monitoring centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

After many months of hard work, we are pleased to be launching RDNS Alarms in South Australia in 2015. There is currently a Government Rebate Scheme which allows eligible clients to receive fully funded alarms and monitoring, which is as an added incentive for South Australians.