Year in review - Aged Care

Home Support – the largest division of Silver Chain Group – is focused on assisting clients to age well and live their best life. 

Over the past year we have been preparing staff for the introduction of  Consumer Directed Care, which gives clients choice and flexibility around the services they receive and who providers those services. 

We believe that clients should guide and participate in the services they receive, which have been designed to meet their goals. The client is at the centre of their care with staff supporting them to live the life they choose or Live Your Best Life – a philosophy this area of the organisation lives by.

The services we provide everyday aim to make a difference to the lives of clients as well as their carers, family and friends by taking care of their physical health, but also mental wellbeing and social relationships.

Many older people prefer to live independently and stay in their own home. The services we provide are designed to help them achieve this using a wellness approach, focusing on helping the client achieve their goals by working with them instead of doing for them. 

A small team of Allied Health professionals, who work alongside the care delivery teams, provide a range of services with a focus on helping the client learn new ways to approach activities that have become difficult, such as personal care. The Home Independence Program (HIP) and Personal Enablement Program (PEP) aim to increase independence and reduce or eliminate the need for ongoing assistance or readmission to hospital.

Over the past decade Silver Chain has continued to develop, implement and evaluate the reablement approach through HIP and PEP, becoming a leading reablement service provider in Australia. Clients involved in reablement are supported and encouraged to participate in and practice activities that will enable them to work toward their goals, developing the skills and confidence to live independently with reduced or no need for ongoing support services. Home Support has just launched the next phased – Responsive Reablement – which will provide clients with more access to reablement services.

Home Support’s Centre Based Day Care service aims to prevent social isolation by allowing clients to participate in fun group activities and interact with others in their community.  We also understand that carers sometimes need time to themselves to look after their own health and wellbeing, and the Respite service provides this opportunity.

We have 800 staff providing these services, delivering more than 645,000 hours of care and support to more than 11,000 clients and it is their dedication to their clients that have helped us achieve some fantastic outcomes this year. We are confident that our staff are the best trained and supported in the industry and we continue to focus on ensuring they are skilled and competent to work in our community.