Interactive Corridor for Peel clients

According to Alzheimers Australia, dementia is one of the biggest health problems facing Australia. Home Support understands the need to future plan for dementia clients and to continually think of new and innovative ways to assist clients living with this disease.

To support the dementia clients who attend the Mandurah Day Centre in Perth, Western Australia, staff have designed and constructed an interactive corridor that is therapeutic and stimulating, with numerous colourful boards full of activities for the clients to try.

The project was initiated as we saw an increase in the number of clients with dementia attending the day centre, which meant we needed to create bespoke activities that would support them.

Our dementia clients are expected to benefit in many ways. They can reminisce about childhood memories with the music boxes, puzzle solving will support their cognition and they will be supported to regain skills they have lost such as tying shoelaces or tying a tie.

A memory window has also been developed which will encourage diverse conversations and will be a permanent addition to the interactive corridor. The window was created by staff, who worked with clients, students from Foundation Christian College and Carol Hazel, an artist from Wild Twig Art Studios.

The day centre staff would like to acknowledge Mandurah May Day who provided funding for the interactive corridor. Also Bunnings Mandurah as well as COTA WA, Lotterywest and the Department of Local Government and Communities who provided funding for memory window under the Seniors Week 2014 Community Grants Program.