Palliative Care has profound impact

The Palliative Care Service in New South Wales, which provides packages of care for people who choose to live their final days of life at home, has a significant impact on clients and their carers and such was the case for John and his daughter Jenny.

John was a single dad in his mid-forties with two teenage children and his 16 year old daughter, Jenny, was his primary carer when he began receiving a Palliative Care service through Silver Chain.

John was the type of man who never sat still. When one of our nurses arrived at his home there was always a large group of friends around him, working in the garden or in the backyard and John would be directing or carrying out cups of tea.  

His goal was to be able to give his children their Christmas presents. He was planning a large family Christmas, which was just one week away at the time, and although John was up and about he was clearly very frail.

A couple of days before Christmas, John couldn’t get out of bed. Every evening one of our Registered Nurses visited him in his home, supporting and empowering Jenny to give her dad the medications he needed.

On Boxing Day, we visited the home and our nurse was met at the door by Jenny. Her dad had managed to hand her his Christmas gift. John passed away peacefully that night in his home where he wanted to be.

A few months later, Jenny carried out a project on great Australian companies as part of her Business Studies at school and chose Silver Chain. As part of that work she had carried out a fundraising drive and collected $530, which she kindly donated to Silver Chain.

A Silver Chain nurse was asked to accept the cheque on behalf of the organisation at the school’s assembly and speak about palliative care and the services that we provide in New South Wales and across Australia.