Health QLD


Silver Chain in Queensland has expanded the existing range of out of hospital services on the Sunshine Coast including Palliative Care and Post-Acute Care and commenced a new service in Brisbane’s Metro North and Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services (HHS) with the introduction of Hospital in the Home (HITH).

The HITH service is delivered in partnership with RSL Care and Telstra Health and is ground breaking in that the agreement between Silver Chain and Queensland Health constitutes the first Public Private Partnership for Hospital in the Home in the state.

Hospital in the Home is a true hospital substitution model where eligible public patients with acute conditions who would otherwise require hospital based care are transferred to Silver Chain to receive acute care in the comfort of their own home.

Since the services commenced, 167 patients were referred to Silver Chain’s Hospital in the Home service. Feedback from these clients indicates that the service has been well received, with an average of 9.6 for overall satisfaction, where 10 is the best possible score.

From a medical governance perspective, the approach taken by Silver Chain in Queensland sees the organisation responding to the HHS preferred HITH medical model. Metro North HHS work closely with our staff, consulting and reviewing patient care needs.

Our patients in the Sunshine Coast will have their HITH care episode medically governed either by a HHS doctor or by a Silver Chain contracted doctor authorised by the HHS to take the responsibility of HITH medical governance.

To introduce the Silver Chain HITH service in Queensland, we have considered where experiences from similar in-home hospital services delivered by the organisation, such as Home Hospital in Western Australia, could inform our co-designed purpose built HITH care models.

Our skilled and experienced staff ensure our patients receive safe and quality care in the home through the HITH care option each and every time.