Leading the way in chronic wound care

Technology is helping to improve the quality of life for clients suffering from chronic long-term wounds.

In addition to their extensive wound knowledge and experience, the nurse practitioners who provide Silver Chain’s Advanced Wound Assessment Service are now using technical interventions to heal wounds.

Low frequency ultrasonic debridement machines are the new form of technology used to assist in the healing of troublesome wounds by providing a relatively painless method of removing non-viable tissue, reducing bacteria and accelerating healing.  

Clients referred to this service are suffering from chronic wounds that have failed to show healing after six weeks of evidence based treatment. They are often in pain and their quality of life is impacted.

Robert, an 88 year old client, has had leg ulcers for 62 years and has been receiving Silver Chain nursing services since 1993. He has endured many forms of treatment for his ulcers, trialed numerous dressings and bandages and participated in research studies but his wounds failed to heal.

Over the past 10 years his ulcerations had begun to deteriorate even more and there were no further treatment options available until he was referred to Silver Chain’s Advanced Wound Assessment Service and was commenced on low frequency ultrasonic debridement.

The wound was significantly affecting Robert’s quality of life and he was in constant pain. He was initially commenced on weekly low frequency debridement treatments and then reduced him to fortnightly maintenance therapy.

Although the goal of care was not necessarily to completely heal his wounds but rather to improve his quality of life through better wound symptom management, thanks to this treatment his wounds are cleaner, he has not had any episodes of infection, the wound dimensions have decreased and most importantly his pain has reduced.

Silver Chain was one of the first in Western Australia to use this state of the art technology, valued at $80,000 per device. There are only four low frequency ultrasonic debridement machines in Western Australia and two are owned by Silver Chain.

We will continue to invest in this leading technology to expand the reach and impact of the Advanced Wound Assessment Service.