Year in review - Health


The past year has been an exciting one for Silver Chain Group’s Operations as we continued to deliver services in people’s homes, to the homeless and those seeking to return home from hospital at the earliest and safest time.

We have aligned our work in very different jurisdictions, integrating national and accreditation standards, as well as consistent clinical governance principles and protocols.

Improving our infection prevention and control policies has been a priority and we introduced the reablement approach and shared care into our evidence based service models that are tailored for the particular need of the many geographies in which we operate.

Across the organisation, we have continued to partner with the State and Commonwealth Governments, other not-for-profits, public and private hospitals, general practitioners and local communities to provide the best health outcomes and community care.

We are entering a time of unprecedented generational change and public policy is reflecting the desire of people requiring care in the community to have more control over the choices and decisions they make with respect to their care.

The organisation has invested in projects that will help define how individuals and communities will respond when new policies, particularly Consumer Directed Care, are introduced and how differently current generational groups will approach ageing. 

Silver Chain Group will seek to work in partnership with clients to help them retain their independence and work towards their aspirations in life, overcoming the constraints that illness, ageing or declining function may bring.

Across the nation we continue to strive to grow and provide more innovative care offerings to maximise the benefit to our clients, their community, and relieve demand pressures on hospitals and other facilities. A few of many examples include: 

  • Growing our palliative care services, helping people to die in the comfort of their own home if they wish. The Hospice Care Service in Perth, recognised as the best-practice model of specialist community palliative care, our innovative palliative care partnership with eight metropolitan and rural Local Health Districts in New South Wales and our palliative care services in Adelaide and Sunshine Coast in Queensland are all delivering excellent client outcomes.
  • Innovative use of Nurse Practitioners across Country Western Australia that coordinate care in many rural communities where access to medical and primary health care is limited. The Nurse Practitioner led Metropolitan Advanced Wound Assessment clinic in Perth has delivered extraordinary outcomes, healing chronic wounds thorough assessment, care management and ultrasonic debridement. 
  • Strengthening and expanding our in-home hospital offerings. Silver Chain’s Home Hospital in Perth is the largest program of its kind in Perth. In Queensland, our Hospital in the Home program in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane North constitutes the first Public Private Partnership in Queensland. These programs offer a safe and quality alternative to hospitalisation for those who would otherwise require clinical care and medical supervision in hospital.

These are but a few examples of the services we provide that we believe can really transform the health system in Australia so that people can receive care without the dislocation that hospitalisation can bring.

None of this is possible without the team work between great frontline leadership, our clinicians and caregivers. We are indebted to our highly skilled people who deliver care to our clients and to those who offer direct expert leadership and support.