When the phone rings

A day in the Silver Chain Customer Centre never repeats itself.

That is the most potent things I’ve learnt in my time wearing the headset. Expect anything. It is for that reason that being a Customer Centre Representative is one of the most fulfilling, exciting, humbling and endlessly challenging roles I have ever known. Each day we wait on the end of a phone that connects to an infinite variety of situations.

There are the unbelievable moments. There are the crises and emergencies, the bushfires or accidents, the moments when people need urgent help and it is up to you to ensure they get it. There are the scratch-your-head complex moments. There are the try-not-to-laugh-aloud hilarious moments, the times where it is a struggle to gather yourself to finish a call. And there are, of course, the tough moments, where you talk with people during the most difficult moments of their lives, the times when you hear what real grief sounds like, when you are reminded what being brave is really all about. They are the moments that stop you in your tracks, the moments that stay with you long after you have put the headset down and headed home.

Most of all, there are the countless moments where you are filled with pride in the wonderful team of carers and nurses and doctors that you work with everyday; the many, many moments where we are reminded just how special and valuable and needed this incredible organisation is.

It is a great job, and we love it. The headset is a window into the world, a wormhole through to the lives of everyday people. It can be tough. It can be challenging. It can bring you to tears. But it is always a privilege. And one thing for sure, we will always be there when the phone rings, ready for any challenge, committed to helping, expecting anything…

Samuel Carmody