Information Services

The Silver Chain Group believes that technology plays an important role in improving client outcomes and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of staff. We also see many opportunities for technology to drive innovation in our sector.

Over the past year, the focus for Information Services has been communication, business intelligence and efficiency and effectiveness.


Information Services has utilised technology to connect our disparate workforce, spread across four states, by introducing Yammer, a private, enterprise social network to allow staff to connect and collaborate from any location and on any device.

We have deployed email to all staff across the Silver Chian Group, which means everyone will have access to their Silver Chain email from any device. That project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

The introduction of a secure, mobile document repository that allows staff to access our policies, procedures or nursing manuals from their mobile device has been well received. As has our Silver Chain App Store, which provides staff with access to apps either developed by Information Services or externally.

Technology has played a significant role in improving client outcomes. In the last year we’ve introduced secure, mobile video conferencing between clients and our staff, to enable face to face consultations. It’s currently being used effectively by Silver Chain Group across Australia and we won an IT in Aged Care (ITAC) award for this innovation.

Business intelligence

At Silver Chain we collect a multitude of data, but we want to leverage that data to improve the care we deliver to our clients and support the decisions our staff make.

While our dashboards and reports currently provide good intelligence, we see an opportunity to enhance our business intelligence technologies. We developed a Business Intelligence strategy which is now being implemented. It will take a couple of years, but the benefits will be felt across Silver Chain Group and beyond.

Efficiency and effectiveness

In supporting our strategic goals, Information Services has consolidated and upgraded many business applications.

In just the last year we’ve consolidated our two ComCare platforms to a single instance and implemented major upgrades from EOS including new capabilities like mobile wound management. We’ve also consolidated our finance systems.

Finally, the team have completed significant upgrades to our back end systems and countrywide networks to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible, so Silver Chain Group can continue to provide quality services to clients.