Innovation, Value and Excellence

The Innovation, Value and Excellence (IVE) division was formed in July 2013 to ensure Silver Chain Group is positioned as a leading provider, influencing the national provision of innovative, high quality, health and ageing services to the community.


IVE works collaboratively with the organisation’s Strategy and Business Development teams to identify opportunities in the market where existing services require innovation or new solutions to address specific community or funder needs.

We are responsible for developing strategies around health and ageing, which aim to move the organisation towards a more client centric, integrated and supportive model of service delivery.

Over the last 12 months, we have developed an Ageing Well strategy, contributed to opportunities in Palliative Care, Hospital in the Home, Transition Care and Home Care Packages.


Clearly articulated models of care underpin our service delivery models and allow us to demonstrate value to our funders and clients.

In order to develop models of care, we leverage our research and consumer interest capabilities to identify core principles and outcomes based on the best available evidence, and define the client journey and experience, using client feedback.

Working closely with the organisation, we ensure that these models of care are then translated into effective service delivery models.

The last 12 months has seen IVE consolidating existing evidence and applying it to approved models of care that are already offered by Silver Chain Group.


IVE ensures delivery of excellent services through a combination of evaluations, led by the Research team. Over the last year, Research has continued to support the organisation by undertaking evaluations as models of care are transitioned into service delivery models.

When service delivery models are implemented, ongoing quality assurance activities also take place to demonstrate adherence to our quality policies and standards. The Quality team has ensured the organisation is meeting contractual compliance requirements.

IVE will continue to help position the organisation as a leading health and aged care provider by developing a health strategy, national Hospital in the Home and Integrated Care models of care, executing our Ageing Well strategy and developing our advocacy platform.