Our people

Providing quality care so people can stay at home is at the core of what Silver Chain Group does. This is only possible through the dedication, skill and commitment of our people.

To support and develop our people in doing this, and to make Silver Chain Group a great place to work, we have undertaken a number of initiatives over the last year that focus on our 2,940 staff and 400 volunteers. 

Some of these initiatives include:

  • The roll out of new leadership programs targeted at first level and mid-level leaders, providing the opportunity to develop leadership skills with a focus on personal and profession development.
  • Completing our first full performance year using the online career planning and performance measurement tool, My Journey. More than 500 staff from across the organisation set goals that link to our four organisational strategies and their own personal and professional development.  A further 800 staff were introduced to My Journey during June this year. 
  • Engagement, we conduct a full engagement survey bi-annually, with a pulse survey in intervening years to understand and respond to how engaged our staff are and to work with leaders to develop strategies to further improve engagement.
  • Commencing the implementation of a digital strategy that focuses on the launch of social media channels and a new website.
  • Working on a brand strategy to discover and define what Silver Chain Group means to its clients and ensuring this sentiment is understood by staff so that the client journey remains consistent.  
  • Approving a national approach to workplace design that will see all new offices incorporating an open plan working environment. This approach will be introduced at Silver Chain House over the next 12 months.
  • Continually reviewing our supplier arrangements to ensure that we are procuring the best solution and services to support our staff in delivering great care.

Part of investing in our people means actively ensuring their health and wellbeing as they carry out their daily activities. Across the Silver Chain Group, we have achieved great results in keeping our staff safe at work:

  • A 37 percent reduction in lost time days in both WA and SA
  • A 16 percent reduction in the incurred cost of claims in WA
  • A 10 percent reduction in average claim costs in WA 
  • A 12.5 percent reduction in the workers compensation premium expense in WA.

We launched an Early Intervention program in Western Australia, following great success in SA in supporting staff to seek assistance at aligned physiotherapy clinics for aches, sprains and strains before they escalate into injuries. 

We have also delivered incident management training to our leaders to assist them in managing incidents and the return to work program for their staff more effectively, resulting in a marked reduction in lost time days, thereby increasing our capacity to deliver care.