Celebrating 110 years of care in Western Australia

This year we celebrated 110 years of caring for Western Australians. From our humble beginnings as a small district nursing service in 1905, today we provide care to over 84,000 people every year across Australia.

There when you need us most, we have supported generations of you, to remain happy and healthy in your own homes for as long as possible, so that you may continue to write your life’s story….

This is ours…..

Following the success of district nursing programs in South Australia, it was quickly realised that Perth was missing a similar service, so the first members of Silver Chain set about its first major goal of raising enough money to employ a first district nurse in 1907, followed by the recruitment of a maternity nurse three years later.

During the war years of 1914 – 1945 we continued to grow in activity and reach, employing nine district nurses to cover the majority of the metro area and Kalgoorlie. It was also during this time that we undertook our second major venture, residential care, building Cottage Homes in Highgate and Alfred Carson Hospital in Claremont.

In partnership with the Red Cross we then introduced bush nursing centres to regional areas across the state, providing immeasurable support to the small towns in which the centres were established.

Gathering support from across the community we were able to continue our expansion and in 1957 we opened our first custom built headquarters. Two more cottage homestyle facilities were opened in Albany and we adopted technology advances in our services as never seen before. Even then our organisation was at the forefront of providing quality care to those who needed it most.

As the century progressed so did we, building a new innovatively designed, 61 bed hospital in Hilton and embracing modern training and nursing techniques.

It was at this time that we introduced specialist services in diabetes and stomal therapy and concentrated on improving our hospital liaison skills, which resulted in better communication between ourselves and other health care providers.

Our new headquarters in Osborne Park marked a period of unsurpassed advancement for us, entering into the computer age, introducing care aides, implementing major administrative modifications and establishing a Hospice Service, all of which now play an integral part in the care of Western Australians.

Today, our Silver Chain Contact Centre is instrumental in the way we connect you to our staff who, like the first district nurse employed over 100 years ago, are truly committed to maintaining the same spirit of care.

Embracing change but not losing sight of our vision, we have continued to grow with and support Australia’s health services sector.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of the first chapter of our story, and look forward to continuing the journey with you.