Healing complex wounds

RDNS SA opened a new clinic in Adelaide’s north east to better treat people living with complex and hard to heal wounds.

The Complex Wound Clinic is staffed by specialist RDNS SA nurses trained in advanced wound assessment and management. The Clinic aims to provide clients with greater access to advanced wound assessment, treatments and technologies.

A wound can be considered hard to heal if it hasn’t healed after six weeks, yet many clients referred to RDNS SA have been living with unhealed wounds for many months or years, often suffering from long-term pain and reduced quality of life.

The Clinic uses the latest technology (including low frequency ultrasound debridement) which has been proven to remove unhealthy wound tissue and fast-track healing.

“We have a large number of clients with hard to heal wounds, so this clinic is about providing them with greater access to our specialist nurses and equipment,” RDNS SA Nurse Practitioner Wound Management, Sue Templeton, said.

For Blake, the treatment he received at the RDNS SA Complex Wound Clinic was life changing. After being badly burnt on his foot, his wound was relentless, showing no sign of healing despite receiving several forms of conventional treatment.

Blake was referred to the Complex Wound Clinic for low frequency ultrasonic debridement. He received two rounds of treatment and the wound healed within just eight weeks.

Blake speaks extremely highly about the service. It has restored his faith in healthcare system in South Australia.