Health South Australia

Over the past year, a big focus for RDNS SA has been the client – in particular their experience as they interact with the organisation, developing new services and preparing for the Federal Government’s Aged Care Reforms.
Client experience

Over the past year we have been preparing our organisation for the introduction of the Federal Government’s Aged Care Reforms, in particular Consumer Directed Care into Home Care Packages and the introduction of the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). We have also been getting ready for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. All of these are focused on giving clients more choice and control over the services they receive.

We have actively encouraged our clients to assist us to design our services and we’ve also sought their feedback on new service models. For example, the Federal Government’s new Commonwealth Home Support Program provided an opportunity for us to work with our clients to design a new on-boarding process that would provide the best possible client experience.

This year we have tackled a number of our clunky processes to improve the client experience. We have reviewed our fee waiver process to provide a system that is timely, easy to understand and accessible for our clients. We also worked on our complaint management process so that the client rates the severity of the complaint, the complaint is managed by the right person within RDNS SA depending on the severity of the complaint and the client receives feedback in the timeframe they expect.

We are in the early stages of creating a Consumer Advisory Group for South Australia so that we can embed the voice of the client into our culture and decision making.  All RDNS SA leaders undertook training with Consumer Healthcare Alliance on Consumer Centred Care too, to help create a culture where we challenge each other to ensure the client is at the centre of everything we do.

Innovative new services

Over the past year we’ve developed new services to ensure we are continuing to meet the clinical needs of our clients:

  • The Home Peritoneal Dialysis service assists people to receive peritoneal renal replacement therapy in their home. Peritoneal dialysis a treatment available to people with chronic kidney disease and is commonly a preferred method of treatment because it can be done independently in the client’s home.
  • The Complex Wound Service Clinic provides clients with greater access to advanced wound assessment, treatments and technologies. The clinic uses low frequency ultrasound debridement systems, which have been proven to remove unhealthy wound tissue and fast-track healing.
  • A trial of a new service, in collaboration with the Southern Adelaide Health Alliance (SAHA), that aims to reduce the number of hospital outpatient visits needed to treat people living with complex vascular wounds by giving them the opportunity to be treated at home.

Thank you to all of our dedicated RDNS SA staff for your contribution during the past year. Also to our funders, client and the South Australian community, thank you for your continued support of our organisation.