Year in review - Health

The year 2015 could best be characterised as disruptive for Silver Chain Group’s services.

The implementation of the Federal Government’s Aged Care Reforms have resulted in significant changes to the delivery of social care services (such as aged care and disability) not seen in the last 25 years.

These changes are overwhelmingly positive for those seeking services, with the emphasis on giving the client control, choice and encouraging participation in their care. Silver Chain Group welcomes this shift towards Consumer Directed Care, and we have invested much effort over the past year to ensure our interactions and service offerings honour these changes.

Reforms in Australia continue to tackle the cost of health care, which is growing at a much greater rate than inflation, as well as the rise of chronic and life style diseases such as obesity, chronic lung and heart disease and diabetes that drive unsustainable levels of demand on the hospital and community health sectors.

Through Silver Chain Group’s comprehensive health care offerings such as respiratory, palliative care, home hospital, post and subacute care, continence management and wound care to name a few, we are well positioned to alleviate significant demand and cost to the system, while delivering high quality, safe, health care in the client’s own home. Silver Chain Group seeks to be a partner in rebuilding a connected primary health sector that enables:

  • People to be cared for safely at home
  • General Practitioners to continue to care for their sickest patients at home
  • Hospitals to safely discharge patients to release capacity for beds to be better used for those most in need.

The changes in the social and aged care environments are exciting and though the world is changing, Silver Chain Group will continue to deliver highly valued services so people can stay at home.