Contact Centres

Our Contact Centres play a key role in supporting the Silver Chain Group nationally to ensure the best possible client outcomes. 

Based in Perth and Adelaide, the two centres provide support to our clients, providers and referrers 24 hours a day, seven days a week with more than 750,000 client calls handled and 78,000 referrals processed during the past year.

This year we have changed our name from Customer Centre to Contact Centre which reflects our transition towards offering our clients a more diverse customer experience. We now provide a greater range of ways to interact with us including telephone, fax, email and in the future web chat and social media. Our new name also links to the development of a new national approach, which will provide us with the capability to interact with a client from anywhere at any time and provide an impactful, positive experience.

Our SA Contact Centre has, for the third year running, been recognised for its excellence, being awarded the SA Contact Centre of the Year award by the foremost contact centre awards program in Australia, the Auscontact Association Awards. This award reflects the remarkable standards of our Contact Centres, where with every interaction we aim to improve the life of each client and the health of the wider community.

The healthcare environment in Australia is rapidly changing, with a new focus on Consumer Directed Care. These changes will continue to shape the role of our Contact Centres as we help clients navigate the aged care system and assist them in making important choices about the care they need.