Innovation, Value and Excellence

Innovation, Value and Excellence (IVE) has covered a diverse range of activities over the past year, requiring collaboration across all facets of the organisation to achieve the desired outcomes and impact.

Influence and Advocacy

Silver Chain’s strategic areas of focus relate to ensuring people have the choice to die at home, receive more effective community acute care, and maintain function and regain independence. Through our influence and advocacy strategy, we actively seek opportunities to shape policy.

IVE has submitted responses to several State and Federal Government parliamentary inquiries, including the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR), hospital funding, chronic disease management and staffing in residential aged care.

Research and Innovation

Models of Care (MOCs) are designed to provide an overarching framework for service development nationally. They define principles guiding each service, outcomes being sought and the way they will be measured and strategies for achieving these outcomes. Each MOC is accompanied by a client journey, describing the experience that clients have at each point of the service delivery process. 

IVE has finalised several MOCs, including reablement, restorative and rehabilitation, respiratory services, acute care in the home, national palliative care and support to remain at home.

Each MOC is implemented through one or more Service Delivery Models (SDMs), tailored to the specific local context. MOC outcome measures remain consistent across a suite of SDMs, allowing us to better understand those elements that are critical to achieving the best outcomes for clients.

IVE has worked with Country Services to develop SDMs for Nurse Practitioners and country palliative care, and with RDNS SA to develop SDMs for chronic pain and CHSP.

To ensure that we bring a truly client centric view to our services, all client journeys and SDMs are informed and reviewed by our consumers.