From the Chair

The past financial year has seen us continue to sharpen our focus on our vision to make an unprecedented impact on the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

We have responded to the ever-changing operating environment across the health care and aged care sectors. With the aged care market moving to a consumer orientated economy and driving higher client focus, considerable effort has been directed to ensuring a consumer driven ethos throughout our newly created Social Care division.

Notwithstanding our support for the policy of consumer choice, there remains a concern for us that some clients’ needs will not be met in an environment where cross‑subsidisation between Home Care Packages is restricted by directing funding to the client instead of the provider. We look forward to February 2017 when, as clients’ needs escalate, a revision of their entitlement will allow them to remain with their preferred provider.

Silver Chain’s health care offerings continue to go from strength to strength. Our palliative care service, virtual hospital and community clinical services continue to demonstrate health care can be provided in the home at less cost, higher quality and greater convenience to clients. It has confirmed our view that the future of health care is pointing toward a more virtualised, technology-enabled health system.

As part of the Board’s continuing pathway to ensuring excellent governance of the organisation, a comprehensive review of all Board functions and performance was carried out during the year. A sharpened focus on best-of-breed governance processes and performance management has seen the Board move into 2016/17 year with renewed vigour.

Our increasingly focussed governance led to the sale of our software business, EOS Technologies, to Telstra Health and we divested our training organisation, YourLife Health & Learning Incorporated, which operates as RDNS Training and Silver Chain Training, to Open Colleges Australia. Both of these sales meant we said farewell to a number of staff who have been with the organisation for considerable years. We would like to acknowledge and thank these staff for their many years of loyal and valuable service.

The Board has invested considerable time in strengthening its medical and clinical governance processes.  These continue to be the backbone of our health offering and ensure our clients are as safe as they would be in a tertiary hospital.

As Chair of the Board, I would like to thank the Chief Executive, Chris McGowan, the Executive team and my Board colleagues for their stewardship of the organisation and look forward to another year of continued innovation.

Anne Skipper
Chair, Silver Chain Group Board