Welcome from the CEO

The past financial year for Silver Chain Group has been characterised by focus on vision and performance.

A key initiative for the year was a redesign of our organisation to recognise the need for our aged care services to operate in a consumer directed market while our health care services continue to operate in a business-to-government economic environment.

This led to a restructure of the organisation into two primary operating divisions; Social Care (incorporating aged care and disability) and Health Care. These divisions run in parallel to our wholly owned subsidiary organisation, Access Care Network Australia (ACNA), which provides assessment services in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.

The restructure saw some changes to a long-standing Group Executive team. Along with Ricki Smith, CEO ACNA, Melanie Kiely and Michelle Noort joined the team to respectively lead the new divisions of Social Care and Health Care. Further to these appointments, we farewelled two valued executives – Stephen Carmody and Dan Minchin.

We realigned our Business Development, Strategy, Research, Innovation and Quality teams to support the new divisions. We also sought to reduce our back office costs by approximately $15 million. This considerable target has meant that many of our staff took up options to leave the organisation. I would like to express my appreciation and high regard for the many staff who, throughout the year, moved to the next chapter in their careers.

In particular, two long-serving managers deserve recognition for their contribution and years of service. Professor Gill Lewin, former Director of Research, who over her 22 years’ service established our Research team and, with expertise and leadership, redefined Australia’s aged care policy through evidence based studies in reablement and independence. Stephen Carmody, former Chief Operating Office, who over his 15 years’ service provided relentless stewardship of good clinical management across our health care services with renowned values‑based and moral leadership. I would like to express my deep appreciation and high regard for both Gill and Steve.

In the increasingly competitive and consumer centric world, our organisation must continue to focus on cost containment while at the same time delivering highly differentiated services to our consumers.

Our health offerings continue to be regarded well across our markets. We have seen growth in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia – and continue to be excited by opportunities to make a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of Australians.

We know governments are exploring new funding models where outcomes are rewarded rather than outputs and we are delighted to be in the co-design phase with NSW Government on a social impact bond for end-of-life care.

We are continuing to work with the Victorian Government as they look for innovative ways to better manage the care of people with complex and chronic conditions who historically have required multiple hospital admissions. Programs like these position Silver Chain at the forefront of innovation in health care.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the whole Silver Chain family. It is a great privilege to work with and lead this team of wonderful people.

Dr Chris McGowan
CEO, Silver Chain Group