Shaun's story

When an ACNA assessorsmet Shaun*, who lives with autism spectrum disorder and had recently lost his mother, he was struggling with general household chores such as cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. He was at risk of losing his public housing tenancy due to his inability to pass rent inspections. This caused him a great deal of anxiety.

Shaun experienced an active “show me” assessment which allowed his ACNA assessor to identify and utilise reablement strategies to formulate a detailed support plan for Silver Chain care staff to follow, based on his goal to independently managing household tasks.

Silver Chain’s Helen provided Shaun two hours of support in household tasks a week. She worked closely with him to create a list of tasks that needed to be done on a daily and weekly basis and, in turn, a weekly planner identifying what tasks needed to be completed on what days.

“At the end of each visit we would agree on what jobs Shaun would do before my next visit,” Helen said.

Over following weeks, Helen taught Shaun how to vacuum, mop, do his laundry, clean the bathroom and wipe over kitchen benches. They discussed the cleaning products required to complete each task and Helen prompted Shaun to write a shopping list. When they went shopping, she encouraged him to refer to his list to identify what items he needed.

After six weeks, Shaun’s support was reviewed. At this point he felt that he was establishing a routine and could complete tasks more independently, so his support was reduced to one and a half hours fortnightly. One month later, Helen observed that Shaun had been able to maintain a clean and tidy home and he himself indicated he was ready to cease his services.

During this time the ACNA assessor maintained a coaching role with Shaun, liaising fortnightly with him and then Helen to ensure he was progressing towards his goals and monitor his progress to ensure the services are still appropriate.

“Shaun worked hard with our support; I saw his confidence grow over the course of my visits. In the end, when I’d arrive, he’d take pride in telling me what jobs he’d done himself,” Helen said.

Shaun is now able to complete domestic tasks and shopping independently, and is much more positive about passing rent inspections and continuing to live in his current home.

*Name changed.