Health Care East Coast

Health Care East Coast has undergone significant changes over the past year in order to better prepare Silver Chain Group for upcoming expansion into new and exciting areas.

We have introduced a new management structure which allows for better coordination of services and integration with the broader organisation. We also opened new office – Silver Chain House - East Coast – located in the Innovation Campus at the University of Wollongong. The site perfectly aligns to our organisation as we have a long history of providing innovative health care services. 

Operationally, we have continued to provide quality health care to clients at home, through our services in Queensland and New South Wales.

In Queensland, our ACHS accredited Hospital in the Home (HITH), Post-Acute Care and Palliative Care services are provided in three Hospital and Health Services – Metro North in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Mackay.

During the past year, HITH services across Queensland provided care to 1,530 clients, enabling them to receive care in the community that would otherwise be provided in a hospital bed. In Metro North, 205 clients received palliative care services, including nursing and bereavement support, and on the Sunshine Coast 96 clients received palliative care and transitional care services.

In New South Wales, we deliver the Last Days of Life Palliative care program in three regional Local Health Districts (LHDs) and in partnership with South Western Sydney LHD as the PEACH program in five metropolitan LHDs. 

Over the past year, we expanded into new geographical areas in the three regional and three of the five metropolitan LHDs, fully funded by NSW Health. Care was provided to a total of 1,191 people via 2,019 end of life packages. This enabled 879 people to die comfortably in their own home.

We are excited to be working on opportunities for growth in our health care services in both Queensland and New South Wales, and in Victoria, where Silver Chain Group is yet to establish a service footprint. The 2016/17 financial year is set to be of strategic importance as we expand our health care services across Australia.

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