Year in review - Health Care

Health Care is a newly created division of Silver Chain Group, bringing together the Health Care business units in Western Australia, South Australia and on the East Coast into one team.

Over the past year, Health Care has had a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of Australians, supporting almost 65,000 clients to live and die well in the community, through the provision of more than 700,000 hours of care.

The health system in Australia is entering a period of reform and change. Discussions around State and Federal funding arrangements and tax reform, and reviews of the Medicare Benefits Schedule and primary care could all have implications. Once implemented, these are expected to have significant impact on the operating environment for health care providers.  

Over the past year, Health Care has been focused on developing a strategy that addresses the shifting operational environment and supports the broader Group in achieving its strategic goals. The strategy was recently approved by the Silver Chain Group Board.

Through a period of consolidation and platform-building, over the next year Health Care will develop the foundations to support Silver Chain to become the national provider of choice for all out-of-hospital care.

We will continue to support the broader organisation’s growth agenda and we are currently perusing opportunities in New South Wales and Victoria. To aid growth and the establishment of a national footprint, we have opened a new office – Silver Chain House - East Coast, in the Innovation Campus at the University of Wollongong.

Providing networked care to our clients is a priority. In partnership with Social Care and ACNA, we will embed operating models that lead to the delivery of networked, tailored health and wellbeing services to help clients with a range of care needs in the community.

We look forward to continuing to partner with hospitals and health services to strengthen the interface between hospital and community based care. This will enable clients to receive care in the right place – being admitted to hospital when in need of high-end, complex acute care before returning to the community as soon as safe and practicable.