Becoming tech savvy

Clients from Silver Chain’s Fremantle Social Centre recently had the opportunity to participate in a Tech Savvy workshop, supporting them to embrace technology to stay in touch with family and friends and explore the online world.

Run over a six week period, the workshop introduced clients to the world of computing and how computers could be useful to them.

Topics included the internet and email, security and scams, an introduction to Facebook to connect with families and friends, how to make free local and international video calls using Skype and how to save and share pictures from a digital camera.

Silver Chain Community Care Manager Lesley Balkwill said the clients who participated in the workshop gained invaluable information and learned new skills which will enable them to keep in contact with family and friends, shop online and send emails.

“I knew absolutely nothing, except what I learnt at school about 60 years ago. But now I realise that the knowledge I had is still there, it just needed to be upgraded. I’m looking forward to continuing,” one client who participated in the workshop said.

“Technology is frightening but when you get a hands-on instructor, teaching you and showing you what to do, it becomes easier. It’s hard to absorb how to get into a computer by just reading the book but when someone shows you it’s so much easier,” said another client.

Thanks must go to the Seniors Recreation Council of WA who ran workshop as well as Telstra who provided the technology and internet connection.