Contact Centre

The past year has been one of consolidation for our Contact Centres in Perth, Western Australia and Adelaide, South Australia. 

Our output in terms of volume and work has not changed, nor has our focus on supporting Silver Chain Group nationally to ensure the best possible outcome for every client. What has changed is our underlying capacity and capability, as we prepare to support the Group’s new Health Care and Social Care divisions.

In terms of capacity, we replaced two separate Contact Centre technology platforms with one unified, cloud based system. This has been an important milestone for us in ensuring we continue to deliver the same reliable service, whilst also being truly scalable and efficient in our approach to supporting Silver Chain Group. It gives us a full multi-media platform with which to meet the developing needs of Health Care and Social Care.

From a capability perspective, our teams are preparing for an exciting change in the nature of the work they perform. As we consolidate our position in the de-regulated aged care market, our teams find themselves discussing Home Care Package statements and plans with clients and taking the lead in helping new clients navigate their way through the aged care system. In supporting Health Care, we have intensified focus on delivering a streamlined pre-admission process and now do so for 46 different service lines nationally across four states.

Overall, our approach remains the same – think national and service local – working collaboratively to ensure seamless delivery of services for all clients, regardless of geography.