Information Services

During the past year, the Information Services team has continued to provide support to both clients and staff through innovative technological solutions.

We reviewed the structure of Information Services to ensure we are best positioned to meet the needs of the organisation. Part of this work resulted in the establishment of the Group Project Management Office to focus on efficient planning and execution of the organisation’s strategic portfolio of projects and programs.  

Working with our partners, we developed a clinical handover tool to support our Home Hospital service in Perth, Western Australia. The tool, which clinical staff can easily access via mobile platforms, provides a comprehensive handover that allows coordination of patient care in the community and consistent communication between the nurses delivering care.

We introduced a respiratory pilot program on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and in Perth. The program features a web based application – Care Centre – that was developed in collaboration with partners to allow clients to enter their observations and complete health surveys daily for monitoring by our Telehealth nurses. The application provides nurses with alerts when a client’s condition is deteriorating, so they can intervene and potentially prevent a hospital admission.

Silver Chain partnered with BlueJeans to provide both our clients and staff with an easy-to-use, scalable and secure online video conferencing service. This cloud-based solution has been rolled out to all staff, across all locations nationally, and we have also started trialling the technology with clients through our medication management service in South Australia.

In the last year, we have strengthened our security capability to respond to the ever increasing threat profile and invested in the development of staff awareness training to ensure our staff can identify potential threats.

Finally, in 2016 we took another step to evolving our Business Intelligence capability with the introduction of cloud based, advanced analytics. Through the coming year we expect to deliver real value to the organisation through the rapid delivery of high value insight into our services and business performance.