Our people

Over the past financial year, we have continued to support, develop and motivate our 4,000 staff and 350 volunteers so they can continue to provide the high standard of service to our clients that we have become renowned for in the community.

This year, we invited all Silver Chain Group staff to participate in an Organisational Wellbeing survey, to measure the organisation’s ability to align, execute and renew itself to sustain exceptional performance over time.

A significant portion of our staff took part in the survey and 80 per cent of all respondents were front line staff. As a result of the feedback we received, we started implementing a number of initiatives to ensure we provide a sustainable culture and engaged workforce into the future.

For example, we have started rolling out a decision making framework to support our staff in making effective decisions and introduced a campaign to help educate our staff around financial sustainability.

We continued to roll out leadership programs to support the development of our senior, mid-level and frontline leaders across Silver Chain Group. With almost all of our eligible workforce having had the opportunity to participate in the programs, going forward we will look at new ways to support our leaders on their leadership journey.

A range of training has been developed and provided to support all staff, including mental health training for leaders, supporting our leaders to better understand mental health issues and support staff.  There has also been an increase in online learning including wound modules, infection control, palliative care, pressure wounds and skin care, nursing delegation and stoma care.

The safety of our people continued to be a priority and we ran a number of our existing injury prevention initiatives including Early Intervention, which supports staff to seek assistance for aches, sprains and strains before they escalate into injures. Over the past year, 800 of our staff have taken advantage of this proactive program.

We also introduced new initiatives to help improve the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff including Recharge – an eight-week exercise and self-help program, CARE – a tailored, holistic wellbeing program to assist staff in their journey to better health and Boundlss – a digital wellbeing program using wearable health devices and apps.

The new and existing programs have resulted in a 20 per cent reduction in lost time injuries and a 15 per cent reduction in workers’ compensation claims, compared to the previous year across the group. This positions us amongst the top industry leaders for safety in the workplace.