Life Membership

Silver Chain Group’s Board places significant value on Life Membership of the Foundation, which is awarded to nominated individuals for their outstanding contribution to the organisation over an extended period.

The Board would like to take this opportunity to publicly honour our Life Members in appreciation of their ongoing support for the work of Silver Chain.

Mr Geoffrey J Anderson

Mrs Marcia Annandale

Mr Richard M Atkins

Mrs Celia Barnesby

Mr Ross Bradshaw

Mrs June Bremner

Mrs Dianne E M Browning

Mr John Cannam

Dr Keryln Carville

Mrs Mary Chesson

Mr Lloyd E Chrystal

Mrs Helen Corti

Mrs Margaret Craig

Mrs Bette Davies

Mrs Connie Dawson

Mr Roger Drake

Mrs Wendy Drake

Mrs Norma Freebury

Mrs Joyce Gorman

Mr Peter Harley

Mr Robert Hill

Mrs Ruth Hill

Dr Michael S T Hobbs

Mrs June Hodgson OAM

Mrs Enid D Home

Mrs Kath James

Mr Ray Jones

Mrs Jan Jones

Dr Norman Marinovich

Ms Mary Markey

Mrs Daisy McBroom

Mrs Karen McGay

Mrs Gaye M McMath

Mrs Betty Morahan

Mrs Kate O’Brien

Mrs Lesley O’Connell

Mrs Amy Doreen Parnell

Mr Anthony D G Quinlan

Mrs Veronica Reutens

Mrs Nelly Schuiling

Mrs Susan (Bunty) Smith

Mrs Glad Squance

Mrs Veronica Steele

Mrs Lorna Steeth

Miss Cheryl Stiles

Mrs Pam Usher

Mrs Lesley Whittle

Mrs Jenny Willcox