Silver Chain set to launch innovative service

Silver Chain’s new Integrum Aged Care + service is set to commence with a small pre-trial at our redesigned Myaree clinic in Perth, Western Australia, in September 2017.

Integrum aims to support people who are at high risk of needing nursing home care, to manage their chronic conditions and maximise control of the support they receive.

The service incorporates a dedicated medical service with a transport option to and from the clinic, future planning, case management and a collaborative care model involving aged care services, home nursing, rapid response care and family support.

In addition, the integrated health care and social care service includes hospital admission and discharge coordination. Remote monitoring and digital tools are also key features of the service.

The service has been designed to help clients stay out of hospital and nursing homes and live their lives as they choose.

Common features of Integrum clients include:

  • Over 65 
  • Live in the community
  • Reside in metropolitan Perth 
  • Have two or more chronic diseases
  • Have had between two and five hospital admissions in the last 12 months.

The service is strongly aligned with Silver Chain’s vision to provide the world’s best health and aged care in the home so Australian’s can confidently live their lives as they choose.

“Currently no integrated service exists that allows clients to be the author of their own care at a time when they need it the most – in their last years of life,” said Dr Chris McGowan, Silver Chain’s CEO.

“Often patients in this cohort have chronic diseases and are transferred between hospitals, specialists and aged care providers, receiving fragmented care and a poor overall experience.

“Integrum Aged Care + will provide a one-stop-shop approach to health and aged care, integrating all of the services a client is likely to need in the last phase of their life.”

Following the completion of the pre-trial, an evaluated trial will begin in February 2018, operating from a flagship centre located in the east of Perth.