Silver Chain takes best-practice palliative care to New South Wales

Silver Chain has partnered with New South Wales Health to enhance palliative care services within their Western Sydney Local Health District.

Silver Chain Group Chief Executive Officer Christopher McGowan said the agreement with NSW Health will result in better support and more comprehensive care for the terminally ill.

“We hear time and time again that people prefer to be cared for in their own homes and we know a significant majority of Australians would prefer to die at home with their families and loved ones,” Chris said. 

“Our new service in Western Sydney, based on Silver Chain’s very successful Perth model of palliative care, provides terminally ill people with comprehensive support for the last three months of their life.”

Silver Chain’s in-home palliative care service gives clients access to expertise across healthcare, social work and pastoral care and provide support for the medical and psycho-social care needs of both patients and their families.

“In Western Sydney, the service will support more than 8,300 people over a seven-year period and provide much needed assistance to patients with terminal conditions.”

Silver Chain already supports the Last Days of Life service provided by eight other local health districts in NSW and our new service in Western Sydney will significantly add to this.