Health Care South Australia

For Health Care South Australia, which operates as RDNS SA, the past year has been focused on continually improving to deliver world’s best care to our clients.

Significant changes to the aged care sector in February 2017, with funding for Home Care Packages moving from the provider to the consumer, presented significant growth opportunities in South Australia. Through the provision of excellent aged care services we have more than doubled our number of Home Care Packages. 

Our clients keep telling us that we are transparent with information and fees, not too complicated and we are responsive to their needs, commencing their care immediately. The range of services we offer across nursing, allied health, support worker and home and garden provides clients with access to a whole range of both health and aged care services.

Assisting clients in navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been a high priority for us. During the year we have continued to focus on transforming our disability service – in both the services we provide to clients living with disability and the training services we provide across the industry to support and be ready for clients when they move to the NDIS. We have developed new training programs for support workers and more affordable and accessible online training modules.

Building on the Complex Wound Service we established last year, we turned our focus to expansion of the service. We are now providing advanced, specialised assessment and management for people with non-healing wounds across metropolitan Adelaide and the service continues to deliver fantastic results for our clients. 

Last year we looked at the way our services were organised to ensure we delivered them in the best way to meet client needs. We now have three teams organised based on specialty area rather than geographic location:

  • Acute (focusing on early discharge from hospital and hospital avoidance)
  • Chronic and Complex (supporting clients to maintain their independence)
  • Specialist (including Palliative Care, Midwifery and Pediatrics).

We are seeing great results as a result of this reorganisation. We also relocated our northern team in Salisbury to new premises in Parafield.

Planning and delivering our services in a consumer-focused way has always been a priority. Our Consumer Advisory Group has helped ensure the consumer voice is present in everything we do including ensuring that services continue to reach clients who need it most.

SC2688 Annual Report 2017 Infographic Individual Service Health Care South Australia