Year in Review - Health Care

For the Health Care division, the past year has been focused on consolidation and platform-building to support Silver Chain Group to deliver its vision of providing world’s best health and aged care services.

Over the past year, Health Care has had a significant impact, supporting almost 65,000 Australians, through the provision of more than 700,000 hours of care, to live their lives as they choose.

Health Care, the largest operational division of Silver Chain, has continued to develop the foundations to support the Group to achieve not only its vision but its strategic goals.

Through partnerships with State Governments, local hospital networks and primary health networks we are supporting the Group in consolidating its national footprint by providing a viable and high quality community alternative to hospital care across palliative, chronic and complex and acute, at a reduced price.

Thanks to our solid relationship with Western Health, we have expanded into Victoria with a new service offering – the Western HealthLinks program. The program provides health navigation and priority response services to clients.

We were also awarded a world first Social Impact Investment to provide palliative care services in the Western Sydney Local Health District (LHD). Through partnerships with the New South Wales Office of Social Impact Investment, the New South Wales Ministry of Health and the Western Sydney LHD, we have now developed and launch the service.

We will continue to partner with State Governments, local hospital networks and primary health networks in the markets we operate, as well as in new markets, to become the national provider of choice for all out-of-hospital care.

Within our existing services across Australia, our focus has been embedding financially sustainable operating models that lead to the delivery of networked care.

In partnership with Social Care and ACNA, we have started to lay the foundations through different models of care, to provide tailored health and aged care services to help clients with a range of care needs in the community.

SC2688 Annual Report 2017 Infographic Individual Service Health Care