Silver Chain leads the way in Restorative Care

Silver Chain is the first provider in Western Australia to receive Federal Government funding to enhance restorative care services in the South West and Great Southern regions of the State.

The new package of care, called Short Term Restorative Care, is ideal if you need help getting back on your feet after a sudden event or gradual decline in your ability to perform everyday tasks.

The service will help return you to independence, by restoring your ability to perform tasks of everyday living, through a time limited and co-ordinated range of services such as physiotherapy, personal care or nursing.

Silver Chain General Manager Social Care WA, Anne-Marie Cox, said the organisation is known for providing person centred care focussed on working with clients to restore their confidence and independence to live their best life at home in their community.

“Short term services, also known as restorative or reablement services, are designed to help people develop, or redevelop the skills and confidence to do things for themselves, rather than relying on others for assistance," Anne-Marie said.

“Our evidence based restorative care services began in 1999 and have continued to result in positive client outcomes. In working towards independence with our clients we have not only reduced but often removed their need for ongoing services. We are excited by the opportunity to expand our services and impact in the Great Southern and South West regions.

“This new package of care will be a huge benefit to these communities and we look forward to working in partnership with clients, health professionals and the community to establish the service.”