Silver Chain supports former Australian tennis star to keep swinging

Lesley Hunt is an Australian tennis champion, and today she is a champion coach to the children of Mandurah.

She is also a proud Silver Chain client and grateful for the support she receives.

While no longer under the bright lights of arenas around the world, you can find Lesley passing on her tennis knowledge to our next generation of stars from local schools in Meadow Springs and Halls Head.

With a gleaming smile, Lesley Hunt said tennis is, and has been her life. “I’ve been fortunate to play on the Pro Tour, including all the Grand Slams, and partner with Rod Laver, Margaret Court and Martina Navratilova in doubles on many occasions,” Lesley said.

“One of my best memories is touring the world with the Australian international team and the legendary Harry Hopman as our coach.

“Then a little later in life, as an Australian team manager, I also had the pleasure of coaching many star players including Lleyton Hewitt, Alicia Molik and Jelena Dokic.

“I live and breathe the sport, and while I have had many highlights in my career, nothing has been as rewarding as coaching children.”

A former world number one junior girl’s player and top 10 ranked women’s player from 1967 to 1980, Lesley Hunt, now in her 60s, continues to coach tennis and is a Silver Chain client who receives regular support around the house with everyday tasks.

“The passion I have for tennis is what gets me up in the morning, but what keeps me going is the help and support I receive from Silver Chain,” Lesley said.

“When you get older, you may not always feel well, and family and friends can only be there so much. You can quickly feel quite lonely.

“The physical help from Silver Chain has been great, but it’s the emotional support that has really boosted my confidence, kept me on my feet, and helped me to continue living independently at  home and – most importantly – continue coaching tennis.

“I coach kids of all ages and the younger ones do a great job of keeping me my toes – but that’s what spurs me on. It’s very motivating to know I’m able to have an impact on the local community and help shape our next generation of tennis players.

“An important lesson I teach my kids, is to always ask for help if you aren’t sure what you should do.

“And that’s something that I’ve applied to my own life. I’ve suffered a few falls in the last few years, and had a ton of surgeries on my ankles, wrist, hip and knees."

“Some people might be too proud to ask for help, but after the care I’ve received from Silver Chain, I encourage all my friends to reach out because the care they provide is so wonderful.”