Digital Services

Over the past year, Digital Services (formerly Information Services) expanded its scope and welcomed the Silver Chain Alarms business, which presents an opportunity to offer more technologies to help our clients stay safe at home whilst providing peace of mind to their families and carers.

Reflecting on solutions delivered in the past year, Digital Services has enabled a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to capture the details and needs of clients seeking information about Silver Chain and care services. The CRM is in early stages of release, but we expect to continue the rollout through 2018.

A new suite of analytics has been made available to the organisation and we’re shifting to tools that will ultimately allow self-service capability, so expert users in the business can develop their own dashboards as required.

In our 2015 IT Strategy, we committed to moving our platforms and services to the cloud and this year we’ve migrated a range of cloud based services.

Protecting our clients’ information is of prime importance to Silver Chain and to achieve this we continue to invest in security systems, refine our processes and educate our staff. Independent assessors have confirmed the high standard we are achieving, but we recognise the need for ongoing focus in managing the security domain.

This past year, we’ve also turned our attention to innovation with many new services in development incorporating new technology solutions to support both our staff and our clients.

Mixed reality technologies, blending augmented reality and virtual reality, are maturing and Silver Chain wants to be at the forefront. We’ve developed a new solution that allows our nurses to receive seamless support from a remote Silver Chain GP in a client’s home and enables clients to receive a face-to-face in-home visit from one of our GPs via a hologram. We’ll be trialling the solution in early 2018.

We’ve been assessing new platforms to deliver mobile applications and portals to our client too and again expect to deliver these early in 2018.