Our People

During the past year, our 3,550 staff and 280 volunteers were central to enabling Silver Chain to deliver its vision to deliver world’s best health and aged care.

We continued to invest in our leaders. In addition to providing face-to-face programs to support our senior, mid-level and front-line leaders we have also introduced tools and resources to allow them to pull information to help them grow as leaders as and when required.

To support all our staff in providing a high standard of service to our clients in the community, we have invested in further training for our staff, particularly through online learning modules such as safe food handling, in-car stretches, consumer directed care and driver safety.

Our Project Management Office, through strong discipline and governance, delivered 23 of the 66 projects in their portfolio. The remainder are multi-year projects which will continue to be delivered across the current financial year.

The safety of our people remains a primary focus for our organisation and over the past year we have continued to deliver exceptional results in this space.

We have undertaken injury prevention programs such as DorsaVi. This has allowed us to use wearable sensor technology to measure and monitor the movements of our direct care staff in real time so we can implement appropriate risk controls as required.

The injury prevention and management program, Early Intervention, which supports staff to seek assistance for aches, sprains and strains before they escalate into injures is now well embedded across the organisation with utilisation increasing year-on-year.

We continue to support our staff to achieve their health and wellbeing goals too through free weekly exercise classes such as strength and fitness, yoga and boxercise as well as nutrition and exercise consultations and our internal care program. Corporate challenges also create friendly competition and inspire staff to achieve their ambitions.

The new and existing programs have resulted in a reduction of Silver Chain’s lost time injury frequency ratio to 4.3 as well as a 40 per cent reduction in workers’ compensation claims and a 30 per cent reduction in workers’ compensation premium costs, compared to the previous year across the group. Our workplace safety culture is also at an all-time high. This positions us amongst the top industry leaders for safety in the workplace.