Influence and Advocacy - Giving voice to our vision

The primary focus of Silver Chain Group’s Influence and Advocacy components of work has been based on a single principle:

To make an unprecedented impact on the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

This, of course, sits at the heart of Silver Chain Group’s vision, and there are three beliefs which are central to this effort:

1. More Australians should have the opportunity to die at home

2. More Australians should have access to first class out of hospital acute and chronic care; and

3. More Australians should have the opportunity to maintain and regain independence in their own homes.

The pillar of Influence and Advocacy is to engage with key leaders, policy makers and the health and social care sectors, utilising a mix of evidence and passion to call for national and state systems which seek to mirror these beliefs.

Utilising a range of communication channels such as social media, conferences and government-initiated forums, we are steadily increasing the public promotion of our vision, and over the past twelve months, we have seen increased efforts in promoting ‘the Silver Chain Voice' in a variety of settings. 

We contributed significantly to the work of the Productivity Commission (PC) as they identified End-of-Life Care as a major area for federal and state government funding and emphasise reform.

The PC highlighted lack of choice regarding place of death as a major issue, and the need for a greater emphasis on community based palliative care. These were powerful elements of our submission and multiple contributions to the PC.

As a direct result of this work, the Queensland and South Australia State Governments are now seeking our input on palliative care initiatives.  

We have also made submissions on Hospital in the Home and Virtual Hospital models to the Commonwealth Government, South Australian and Queensland Governments, which have contributed to our successful Domiciliary Care acquisition and to a number of internal projects including the WA Parliamentary End-of-Life Inquiry.

Silver Chain’s reputation as a leader and innovator in its sector is continuing to grow, as this year, our organisation was identified in a Council of Australian Government’s report as one of a handful of exemplars of best practice (Integrum, EMMR) in new and innovative models of care for chronic conditions.

We have actively sought to position ourselves as thought leaders in promoting approaches to care which address the issues faced by our health and aged care systems, offering actions that will address their pressing issues, and promoting outcomes that will fundamentally improve the lives of Australians.

Keith Evans, Chief Advisor, Public Policy